Full Moon Magick

Brightest Blessings


Today is the full moon and an obvious time for magickal workings. This is the best time of the month to work spells that need the biggest oomph.

The full moon, also known as an esbat is a time of worship to the goddess in all of her splendour. To soak up the lunar energies that brighten your room in a soft silky glow.

It is a perfect time to cleanse and charge your magickal items, stones and crystals. It’s a time of magickal creation and of feeling the sliver of silver light filling you to the brim with buzzing energies and vibrations.

Maybe you might consider placing some water out sealed with film or wrap (see through of course) in a glass container and letting it soak up the wondrous energies of the moon. Use this in your workings in the future or simply to cleanse yourself with or even drink.

Maybe you may wish to use this water to make gem elixirs with your newly charged crystals for an added bonus.

For me the full moon esbat is a time of worshipping the goddess and the sacred, of song and dance. Poetry and words of power. But for me the full moon is a time of magick.

My magick varies depending on what I need to manifest, when the spell will take place and how. It depends on what I have to hand and correspondences from colours, smells, astrological influences and specific times.

Tonight however the moon is in saggitarius which represents optimism, travel and abundance.  It is a perfect time to work magick concerning abundance whether it is financially or love. This is also the time in the celtic tree calendar of uath or the hawthorn tree. It represents balance.

I will be doing my workings between 9.45pm until 10.30pm as this is the time tonight of Jupiter which represents financial gain and wealth.  Of course if you can match your working to as many correspondences as possible then the more potent it will be.

I will use meditation and visualisation before and after. One to calm and focus and the other to raise energy, visualise and release.

I will be using a herbal blend and oil to dress my green candle all in correspondence to financial gain. Other items I will use are the Nine of Pentacle,  The Sun and The Wheel of Fortune tarot cards as these represent luck, good fortune and financial gain.

I will be using bloodstone to represent financial gain alongside my grounding stones of black tourmaline and hematite and my protective stones of amethyst and clear quartz.

Other items to include will be that of coins to use as a representation of growth and these will be buried once the power has been raised.

I shall post my results here.

Blessings to you all on this wonderful full moon.

Blessed be


A Celtic Awakening


I have been pagan all of my life I think. I have always revered nature. I can think of nothing better than to stroll up a lost muddy trail and wander into a stunning clearing of trees and wildlife.

A mighty oak gazing upon you in the backdrop and it’s branches bowing down to you in recognition that we are one.

This is a direct reflection of the great mother herself, a moment of clarity and a privilege to be a part of it.

In recent years I have not only been pagan but have followed a path of spiritual awakening and magic. I can manifest positivity into my life in utilising the energies around me.

I create words of power and use Gaia herself in my workings via herbs and various other items crafted by her.

However, over the last year I’ve considered my heritage and my ancestry. I am a Northumbrian, someone born in the beautiful county of Northumberland in the north east of England.  I was raised surrounded by hills and rivers, orchards and fields, beaches and oceans. My heritage is both Northumbrian but also Irish as this is where my grandmother was born.

Inevitably I am going to utilise English and celtic tradition in my practice.  I have spent many nights researching my forefathers and their paths that they followed. The celtic calender of the sacred trees, the Fae and many other traditions to boot.

Recently I have decided to undertake research in a different light to incorporate the ogham into my practice. The ogham is a celtic divination similar to that of the norse runes. However the inscribed symbolism directly correlate to the sacred trees of the celts.

I look forward to see where my new research might take me.

Blessings to you